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Roanoke VT Women Connect

Roanoke VT Women Connect

Promoting, developing and supporting Virginia Tech’s Roanoke-based professional women and students

Hanaa and Laura Beth

About Us

Virginia Tech supports the mission of The Virginia Network through VT Women Connect (VTWC). Building upon VTWC, and focused on the women based in Roanoke, is Roanoke VT Women Connect, an informal network that promotes, develops and supports Virginia Tech’s professional women and students by providing a forum to forge relationships, develop supportive networks, and share ideas and information. We engage with women who are in leadership and management roles, as well as those who aspire to these roles. Leanna Blevins, Associate Vice President for Health Sciences Academic Affairs, will serve as the convenor and point of contact for Roanoke VT Women Connect.

Our Goal

The goal of The Virginia Network is to promote women's leadership in higher education and throughout society as a whole; to create an educational, social, and political climate in which women, in all their diversity, can participate equally with men in setting public agendas; to facilitate connections among women in various sectors of higher education and with other organizations and networks with shared goals on the institutional, state, regional, professional, national, and international levels; and to foster strategic alliances and facilitate effective partnerships between women and men in the workplace.

VTCSOM students
Megan Sedovy and Junco Warren at poster session